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5 Baby Wearable Techs We Love

By February 23, 2015

spitfiremom-baby-wearables This post is for all the mammas waking their babies up just to make sure they’re breathing. Yeah, we know you’ve done it – we have, too!

Thanks to wearable technology, you can now keep track of your little ones without losing precious Z’s. From high temperature alerts to breath tempo and sleep patterns, wearable techs for your baby give you the information you need when you need it. Here are our five favorites.

Sproutling Baby Monitor: The brand video for Sproutling asks you to “Be a life-living, sleep-having, baby-raising badass.” Need we say more? Sproutling is a baby monitor worn around little chubby ankles. It sends real-time information to the Sproutling app, like if your baby is awake, cranky, happy, or just lets you know their little heart is beating just fine.

Sproutling’s design, and wireless charger, is sleek and modern and makes sense for busy babies. Long gone are the days of ugly walkie-talkie type monitors littering your house. Join the Sproutling waitlist here.

Mimo: Mimo is a smart, washable, wearable tech. I’m not a mom, but I hear that “washable” factor is a pretty big deal. Mimo is a “smart nursery” that, like Sproutling, sends real-time information about your baby to your phone. How it differs? Mimo also tells you what position your baby is sleeping in, allows you to customize alerts, and allows you to listen in through an audio stream. Shop Mimo here.

Temptraq will make sure you never take a temperature again. When your babe is sick, stick the Temptraq patch on and let them rest – temperature will be continuosly tracked and relayed to you through the Temptraq app. Alerts will come in when a fever has spiked or dropped. You can share the information with doctors and sitters, and keep notes of medications and feeding times. It’s a great example of a product that does one thing really well – making a cold or ear infection much more bearable for both you and baby. Temptraq is still pending an FDA green light, but you can get notifications about the future of the product here.

Wishbone is wrapping up its Kickstarter campaign, and has almost $162,000 in pledges. It’s the smallest, non-contact thermometer ever and mercury free. They hope to stand out from other new thermometer designs with the quickest, easiest reading. You can check the temp of anything with Wishbone, from your baby’s to the milk to the temp outside. Interested? Pledge to the campaign here.

Last, and my favorite, is Tinitell. Stressed about wanting to keep in contact with your child, but not wanting to put a phone in their hand at five years old? No worries. Tinitell is a wristphone for kids, allowing two-way communication with the simple press of a button. The maker was inspired to create Tinitell when his friend’s daughter wanted to play outside, but dad didn’t want her to wander too far and not be able to quickly and easily communicate with her. Sound like a familiar fear? Unlike most techs, Tinitell encourages playing outside and having adventure. It also has a GPS tracking system. It’s crazy durable, easily withstanding robust games of Red Rover, Red Rover and mud pie creation. Tinitell retails for $129 – pretty darn affordable – and is simply, minimally designed in various colors. You can preorder here.

That’s it, fierce baby mammas. Which product do you really need in your life? Does design play a role, or is functionality all that matters? Tell us what you think in the comments!



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