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Bravo Moms

By July 6, 2015

Channels like Bravo, TLC, and Lifetime are notorious for putting all kinds of parenting styles on display for our pleasurable and, sometimes, painful viewing. Now, Bravo has rolled out two new shows featuring moms. In Mother Funders, you can watch PTO moms raising thousands of dollars for their kids’ elementary school and occasionally duke it out over some drama. As a mom heading into the public school system next month – this should be an interesting adventure.

In Odd Mom Out, Bravo says “the series stars acclaimed author and fashionista Jill Kargman playing a version of herself as she navigates the treacherous and elite ecosystem of New York’s Upper East Side, and the uber-wealthy mommy clique inhabiting this fantastically outrageous domain.” Kargman teamed up with the talented duo of Julia Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky to write and produce Odd Mom Out. These women are in their mid-forties, living in NYC, and in the midst of motherhood themselves. Zuritsky and Rottenberg wrote for Sex And The City, so we have big expectations for this new show.

Having lived in San Francisco for the first 3+ years of my son’s life, I’ve seen some of these types of women in action. Now granted, I did live on the more boho side of the city – Noe Valley – aka “Stroller Valley” “Yuppie Valley” … but you get the idea. The struggle to get your child into a daycare or preschool (whilst inutero) is real, and best back off my nanny!!!

I think you’ll particularly enjoy these #OddMomOut – isms Kargman shares…

What do you think about “mommy” shows like Bravo’s? Where are you finding real, honest, and uplifting content about motherhood? Tell us in the comments.


Photos Via Bravo

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