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Bunco (AKA My New Suburban Cult)

By February 25, 2015

dice So far my 2015 is off to a bang. On a whim (or perhaps it had something to do with that bottle of wine) my husband and I decided to sell our house. About one month later, it was on the market. And 48 hours after that we were under contract. And 48 hours after that we were under contract for our next home. And one month after that, we moved into our fantastic new house with a great yard for the kids and a quiet cul de sac. And now you know why I’ve been virtually silent for the past two months.

Anyhoo, we have lovely new neighbors who brought us delish bundt cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries when we moved in. That’s the way to my heart. Ploy me with sweets. So last weekend one of the neighbors came to the door with an invitation for me to a “bunco night” at her house. Neither I nor my husband had any clue what bunco was, but she assured me there would be wine so I happily accepted. I did a little online research to try to prep for my evening. Dice, 12-16 people, math, points, all very confusing. I nervously introduced myself as the bunco virgin. Everyone was so kind – it’s so easy, you’ll be fine, this requires no skill or talent whatsoever. Mmmkay.

Let me give you the real scoop on bunco. It’s the female equivalent of poker night. Massive wine consumption and low pressure gambling for women. It’s like that elusive amazing book club that a friend belongs to that you just can’t seem to replicate with your book club. Except there’s no book. But let’s not get hung up on the details. There were snacks, an addictive and easy dice game, plenty of lively conversation and oh, did I mention? WINE.

Here’s the really great thing about it, especially for a newbie to the game and the neighborhood: throughout the game you’re constantly moving to different tables with different people. I won’t go into the rules here because, truly, they only make sense once you’ve started playing and are one glass in. But suffice it to say that I got to introduce myself and chat with every single woman there – 15 other ladies!

I know what you’re thinking. This is a gateway drug to things like bridge and mahjong. It signals the true end of my youth, right? Hmpf. Whatevs. There was cool women, gambling, cheese dip and (you guessed it) wine. They meet every couple of months and it is the perfect mid-week escape from the stress of work, dinner, homework, bath time, and bedtime madness. I’m hooked.


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