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Call for Contributors

By October 20, 2014

Spitfiremom #shareyourstory

You all know the SpitfireMom mantra: we’re all about the juggle and the hustle—that balance of being yourself, a creative, a mom, a friend, and a partner. Of meeting the needs of clients and kids. Of pursuing passions with relentless energy. Of taking time to prioritize yourself. Of getting it done, whether that’s a Pilates session or a strategy session. We’ve started the conversation, and now we want to hear more of YOUR stories. In our call for contributors, we want to hear how do you get it all done. How is your career shaping up? What is your favorite look this season? What’s worked for you on the path to wellness? What products can you not live without? What are you struggling with right now and need to get off your chest? (There’s a significant chance there are other working moms out there who can relate!)

Here’s how to submit your story:

Please email with the subject line SPITFIREMOM CONTRIBUTOR. Make sure the subject line also tips us off to your idea. Example: “SPITFIRE MOM CONTRIBUTOR: my holiday style guide.” We love posts that SHOW us what you’re talking about – so the more pics for us to feature and work with, the better. Our featured categories on SpitfireMom are below. Use them to get a flavor of the stuff we SpitfireMoms love to read:


The Hustle, Inspiration, Tips & Tricks, Office Hours


The Juggle, In the Home, On the Go, Celebrating


Beauty & Style, Wellness, More than Mommy


Let us know what you have to say.  #shareyourstory

~Heidi & Team SpitfireMom

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