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Jenn Loves


School Fundraisers (AKA the fourth circle of Hell)

By On September 16, 2015

September is here. The evening air is a little cooler, the leaves are turning in the mountains, and the grocery stores are well stocked with mums, Honeycrisp apples and Halloween candy. The… Read More


Dads of Instagram

By On August 31, 2015

My husband and I have a good friend, Sam, who says he loves my posts on SpitfireMom. We’ve had some great conversations that have stemmed from my writing (the most revelatory that… Read More

Sara Hasstedt: Photographer

My SpitfireMom Internship: Year in Review

By On July 29, 2015

I am an email hoarder. I have messages congratulating me on a new job circa 2003, an email to my family with a sound byte from the first time I heard our oldest son’s heartbeat… Read More

Dark and Stormy

Mommy Hour: Best Summer Cocktails

By On July 15, 2015

Curse the summer stomach flu. I spent all weekend cooped up inside because each of my two precious little petri dishes were infected with it. Scratch that – it wasn’t just my… Read More


My Secret Is Out

By On July 8, 2015

When I was a kid, I had a secret. Not just any old secret. I’m not talking about a crush, or getting a poor grade in a class, or getting caught writing… Read More