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Beauty & Style

Beauty & Style

Chic Maternity Style: Rachel Bilson

By On September 2, 2014

It’s no secret that being pregnant and looking stylish is not always easy. Truth be told I probably spent a good portion of my two pregnancies in these…but I digress. Looking back,… Read More

primp while you pump
Beauty & Style

5 Beauty tips for Multitasking Moms

By On July 21, 2014

Has pumping got you down in the dumps? Hard as nursing may be, it can be harnessed for more than just sustenance for your wee one.  With this in mind, I’ve been… Read More

Beauty & Style

Lisa’s 38 Special: My favorite skincare line

By On July 2, 2014

My love for skincare products comes from my Mom. Ever since I can remember, we would hunt for great skin care products in sample sizes to try, then move to the big… Read More