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The Founding Moms Conference

By October 6, 2014

SpitfireMom-Jill-Salzman SpitfireMom and founding mom of The Founding Moms, Jill Salzman, is at it again, covering the mom entrepreneur world with her awesomeness glitter like a fairy godmother on steroids. Today in Chicago The Founding Moms is hosting its first conference and their speaker lineup is seriously impressive. They’re covering marketing, financial growth, sales, social impact, and a ton of other topics designed to help mom entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. It’s sure to be an inspiring and educational day for all. If you don’t have a ticket, there may still be time to catch the live stream of the event! (Although like me you’ll miss out on the yummy lunch and all-important cocktail hour, which is rather depressing!) Or you can keep¬†tabs on the day by following them on Twitter (#FMcon).

If any of you are at the conference, please leave a comment below (or on our Facebook or Twitter) and let us know what you’re learning!

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