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Meet Shannon: The Spitfiremom Society’s New Editorial Intern

By March 14, 2014

On Wednesday I told you guys I won the intern jackpot, right? Well the luck keeps coming. Things are growing here at The Spitfiremom Society, so in anticipation of some big initiatives Julie & I have coming up we needed help!  Shannon is a thoughtful writer, a creative and a mom of 2 adorable girls. Please welcome her to Team Spitfiregirl and The Spitfiremom Society!
~ Heidi


shannonleduke_spitfiregirl Hello Spifiregirls, I’m Shannon! So nice to e-meet you. I’m excited to be a new member of the Spitfiregirl team and can’t wait to bring you blog posts about a variety of topics like motherhood and mommy style – and to another end of the stylish spectrum – events and home decor! My story is a kind of funky one, that can actually be encompassed by the title of my personal blog, A Little Ampersand. Let me explain.

Years ago I began studying English at Flagler College, and was feeling a little funny about my studies. Did I really want to know everything there is to know about Greek mythology? Maybe, but on the other hand, not really at all. So I began studying Graphic Design, which I loved (and still do!), but in the end I choose to study Journalism, because I love story telling and the truth. (I promise there are journalists out there who tell the truth!) Alongside my degree in Communication, emphasis in Journalism, I also studied Multimedia and Creative Writing. I consider myself a Jaquliene of all trades. My philosophy is to live authentically and honestly, and try to learn as much as possible every day.

Because my interests vary – Journalism, Design, English…and so on – I created a blog with my long time friend Brittany, called A Little Ampersand to have a place to put all my inspiration. I’m very happy to have a place to go on & on about all the things I love.

A few fun facts about yours truly…
+ If I wasn’t a freelance writer, I would attempt to be a professional comedian. (I fancy myself a less abrasive Amy Schumer type gal.)

+ I am an on again off again vegetarian. (And vegan, when I’m feeling REALLY veggie savvy.)

+ I listen to NPR every day.

+ Design Love Fest and A Cup of Jo are my daily reads.

+ I once got reprimanded by Ani DiFranco at a concert for requesting…shouting the same song over…and over. She eventually played the song!

+ My local popsicle shop, The Hyppo, is the best place to get fresh popsicles in the world – at least I think so!

+ My daughters are named after close relatives, but nick named after two of my favorite film characters, Gigi and Margot.

A few things that inspire me are…

1. Kinfolk Magazine. It’s is a great source of design and lifestyle inspiration for me. Everything they produce is so simple and beautiful. Their video series Kinfolk Saturdays is the best.

2. Lena Dunham. She’s the writer and creator behind the HBO series Girls, and one of my personal career heroines. She’s started with an online mini series and is now the executive producer of her own show. I can’t wait to see what she does next, and am particularly excited to read her book when it comes out later this year.

3. Anything from In my opinion, their colorful pom pom pins make all my outfits better. In fact, I’m sporting one in the photo pictured above.

4. Bonnie Tsang‘s photography. Her photos are so striking and clear. Especially the photo’s of her daughter, Miss V.

5. Great coffee. One of the best Jacksonville coffee shop’s is Bold Bean. It’s a bit of a drive for me, but I love to visit when I can because it has some of the greatest coffee I’ve ever tasted.

Feel free to get to know me more via my blog, personal website, twitter, or pinterest and thanks so much for taking the time to read my very first post for Spitfiregirl. I can’t wait to bring you more of my thoughts, ideas and inspirations as my internship continues. Have a beautiful day!

So much love,


p.s. Did you see Bex’s (fellow Spitfiregirl intern) inspiration board? So gorgeous!

Photo Credit | 23 Matches

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