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Staying Organized in the Office – Our Favorite Apps

By January 6, 2014

Between Spitfiregirl, SpitfireMom and everything in between, I use a lot of the same tools, apps, and accessories to stay organized. And since getting organized is usually front and center on most people’s resolution lists, I wanted to share some my favorite office organization apps that I use daily to help me keep everything in order.

Transmit Logo

For keeping track of all the FTP sites for both work, side projects and my own sites, I have found Transmit to be my favorite. The interface is friendly, easy to use, and well worth the $34 to download. I have tried CyberDuck, Filezilla, and other free ones, but is the only FTP client I use both personally and professionally now.

Evernote Logo

I am a list person. A huge list person. Everyone that knows me knows that about me. So when I discovered Evernote a few years back, it became my new best friend. I have tried so many other list apps, but this is just my favorite, for it’s visual aspect and the usability of it. When planning my wedding last year, Evernote was constantly open on my phone, computer and laptop, and synced between all of them seamlessly. I use it now for just about everything that comes to mind and need to write it down, or save a screenshot.

EasyFind Logo

This one I just discovered last week, and already love it. At work, there are multiple servers, brands, and possible locations for files to be with so many people working between them all. With EasyFind, if you know the file name, you can do a search, and it will quickly find what you’re looking for without indexing. Then just copy to your desktop and wah lah, you have your necessary file without the headache of going deeper and deeper within folders where you’re you’re looking for may or may not be. And the best part, it’s a free app for Mac users.

Trello Logo

At work, we started using Trello about a year ago to keep track of the hundreds of products that come to us to get online. Staying organized and knowing who is working on what aspect of it is super important for getting the products online, and in the right brand category. Between four of us, we can add product cards, make to-do list within each one, delegate to each member, and check off as we go. Then the card can be dragged to the “To Do” column, “In Process” or “Complete” so everyone working on the project knows exactly where things are without having to send multiple emails to multiple people.

Basecamp Logo

At work, with ever-changing promotions, emails, web graphics and other on-going projects that multiple employees need to view and comment on, Basecamp helps make it easy to stay organized, and notifications are sent once things are commented on. This project management system works well for what we need it for, and is an amazing tool for staying organized and up to date. Pricing does start at $20 a month, but there is a free 60 day trial.

Google Logo
, Calendar, Hangouts and Drive
Keeping in touch with people has been made so easy with Google. I am a big fan of all they have to offer, and definitely utilize what I can. I love the quick search and easy organization of Gmail, and integrated within it’s Hangouts for keeping in touch during the day with colleagues and friends. I pretty much only use Google Calendar now, to organize my daily life between what’s for dinner, travel plans, and when bills are due, that are all synced with my husband, as well as the promotions, editorial calendar and appointments and meetings. And of course Drive. I have been using that more and more for file storage, backing up my iPhone photos on there, and sharing documents, photos, and spreadsheets with colleagues, co-worker and friends. Used in addition to Dropbox, I have plenty of storage for syncing things between my laptop and work desktop.

Dropbox Logo

Like Google Drive, Dropbox is an amazing tool, and would be surprised if anyone hasn’t heard of it yet. I started using it about 4ish years ago when my co-worker introduced to me for keeping files easily accessible at home at work. I can’t remember (well, don’t want to) life before Dropbox. I share music, files, pictures, spreadsheets, recipes and so much more between work and home now, as well as with friends, colleagues and family. The only downfall so far is that I need more storage now because I like keeping so much on there! I haven’t broken down to start paying for the subscription yet, but am seriously considering.

SyncTwoFolders Logo


Working between a desktop at work and a laptop at home, it is important to keep files up to date when syncing, make sure I don’t override my newer file or folder. With SyncTwoFolders, it takes the hard part out of syncing. Just select the folder you want to sync with the other folder, and you can manage the preferences to override by date, just copy or keep both files. Just get your settings updated, then click go and watch as things magically sync up! This is a great tool for making sure I have the most updated files and current folders I need to work on.

Spotify Logo

Staying motivated during the workday is just as important as staying organized, right? So another app that is constantly open on my computer is Spotify. It is my go-to music player now, with so many options on playlists, new releases, radio and ease of discovering new music. I did have the premium subscription for awhile (around wedding time, so I could have my important wedding playlist with me at all times on my iPhone.) But even without the premium to listen to on-the-go, I pretty much have it open all day at work to get into my groove for working.

What about you? Any helpful programs or apps you just can’t live without? We want to know!


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