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The SpitfireMom Society Introduces: Tracey Tee and Shayna Ferm

By September 22, 2014

spitfiremom-tracey-tee-pump-and-dump-bio Over the summer Heidi pinged me on Instagram that she was giggling her way through a much needed night out. What had her laughing so hard? The Pump and Dump: A Parentally Incorrect Show and Night Out, For Once.

Tracey Tee and Shayna Ferm are the producers and hosts of this long-running comedy show and night out. They also run The Mom to Mom Project, which aims to spread humor and generosity to moms. Anyone who can make comedic gold out of breast pumps and help support fellow moms at the same time are our kinda ladies so we reached out to learn a bit more about their lives.

Both Tracey and Shayna have kids who are not yet school age, although they do part time pre-school/daycare. Both work from home and are usually on the computer or phone with one other by 8am. When the kids are home, the mamas described life as ridiculous.

Here’s what the Pump and Dump gals have to say about being SpitfireMoms.

How does being a mom influence your work?

Shayna: Our whole thing is based on being moms so it influences all of it. The toughest struggles turn into the best material. The daily grind is our inspiration. As for compassion, we have definitely found more compassion for other moms. Working at home doesn’t particularly enhance our patience skills – I feel like the worst mom on Earth when I’m busy working.

Tracey: I agree with everything Shay says, but I also think being a mom has increased our hustle. We work HARD, we both are passionate about what we do, and we’ve made the choice to do it at home with the kids. There’s a new element of multi-tasking to my life I never expected. I think this is both positive and challenging. Positive, because I think I’m much more productive overall now that I’m a mother, and challenging because working from home means having to explain to your kid why you have to “finish an email.” I hate it.

Do you talk about your kids with clients or potential clients?

Shayna: We do talk some about our kids at the show but we definitely enjoy hearing about other people’s a little more.

Tracey: We play it by ear when it comes to having show-related calls or meetings. We try to be professional and not bring our kids into the scheduling process…unless we need to throw them under the bus because we can’t make a meeting, haha.

We know SpitfireMoms like Tracey and Shayna have tips to share, so we asked for their best time saving trick.

Shayna: Ummm, let them eat breakfast in front of the TV? Then they at least eat and you can even dress them as they are like little zombies who won’t move around too much. Is that terrible?

Tracey: Don’t eat breakfast! Just inhale coffee then raid the fridge at naptime! Several minutes of your morning saved!

What’s one thing you haven’t figured out?

Shayna: How to get them to sleep past 6am. Please let that happen soon.

Tracey: I haven’t figured out Frozen. I just don’t get it. Oh, and Caillou. But I’m pretty sure no one gets that whiny kid.


And if you’re an entrepreneur and just found out you’re expecting, Tracey and Shayna say:

Shayna: I would just say to commit to keep doing what you do. I was doing stand-up in NYC until the week I gave birth to my first. Then, when she was five weeks old, I was back out again, producing a show and performing again. I don’t think I would feel whole giving up that part of me. I also realize that’s totally just me and I LOVE what I do, so that may be different than most people and their work life. But I don’t care what it is – just keep doing what makes you happy – or you will drown. Too dark?

Tracey: I would say to keep your heart and head open from here on out, and stay loyal to the most important aspects of your life that make you happiest. The life you planned may not turn out exactly as you want/expect after you have a kid, but if you’re open to veering off the set path, you’ll be surprised at the other things that can happen. I would also say that trying to be supermom sucks. Just be the best mom you can. You’re not a Pinterest board. You’re a busy woman who needs sleep and time to clear her head.

Keep doing what you do and stay loyal to the most important aspects of your life that make you happiest? Sounds like seriously good advice from two funny ladies. All y’all, grab you friends and check the schedule for upcoming shows. And, be sure to tell a mom she’s awesome today. Who doesn’t need to hear that?


Julie & Heidi

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