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Lisa’s 38 Special: My favorite skincare line

By July 2, 2014

My love for skincare products comes from my Mom. Ever since I can remember, we would hunt for great skin care products in sample sizes to try, then move to the big size when we would find a winner. We would scope out newspaper ads for the big beauty brands like Clinique and Lancome. We didn’t have the fun brands like MAC, Urban Decay, Butter or Benefit Cosmetics yet. This was the 80’s people. It was a great way to try things on for size and learn about what works and why. My skin is very sensitive and I cannot put generic brands on my face without it breaking out in small hives. My mantra is to stay simple and use as little product as necessary, but the products that I do use have to be quality.

Jump ahead 25 years. I joined my local gym after I had my second baby, Catalina, last July. They give you a gift certificate if you go to the gym 40 times in the first 90 days. It was a challenge, but I did it! With the certificate I treated myself to a facial and these products from Rhonda Allison.


Rhonda Allison products are inspired by nature. During the summer I want that youthful shine on my skin so I combine one pump of the Blushed Wine Gel Antioxidant Moisturizer ($35) that smells like candy, and one pump of my foundation to create a slight shine all over my face. I rejoice in my age and proudly call myself a 38-Special. Being a 38-Special and just using the gel alone would be too much of an effect for my age. I would look like a glow stick. Ms. Allison’s gel is made from olives, butcher’s broom root extract, vitamin B-5 among other natural ingredients.

Now the Platinum Series Moisture Eye Treatment ($16) – Oh my! I am a sucker for eye lotions, potions, creams, gels, anything that will help plump, straighten, fatten and curb aging around my eyes. I can make a list of 38 treatments I have tried and none will compare to this. This lotion contains shea butter, flower extracts, aloe, carrot seed and other ingredients, many of which are found in nature, some not so much.

On days when I don’t take a shower or wash my face in the morning, two kids and two step-kids make for a busy morning, I spray the Cucumber Spritz Hydrating Spray ($20) on my face for a quick clean feeling.

My 38- SpecialReview?  A+ for Rhonda Allison’s skincare products. Find them here.


What are your go-to skincare products? Any tips for beauty after 30? after 40? SpitfireMoms want to know!

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