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Special Needs Focus: 3 More Blogs You Shouldn’t Miss

By November 19, 2014

children-photography-holly-spring-91 In addition to Amy’s This Little Miggy Stayed Home, we have found some pretty incredible sites featuring special needs kids and their parents. I feel a little compelled to note that I am not a parent of special needs kids, but I have many friends who are and they inspire the hell out of me. My own great-grandmother had a daughter with Down Syndrome. My great-aunt Mary was a constant presence in my great-grandparent’s and grandparent’s homes when I was a kid. In a time when most babies with Down Syndrome were institutionalized and not expected to survive past young adulthood, my great-grandmother stubbornly and lovingly raised Mary at home. She lived to the ripe age of 75. That’s my driving force this week.

Love that Max

Love that Max is written by Max’s mom, Ellen Seidman, an accomplished magazine editor and profoundly talented writer. Max suffered a major stroke as an infant and has cerebral palsy. Ellen’s account of the first few days of Max’s life are heavy. She and her husband went from elated expecting parents, to grieving and confused parents in the blink of an eye. It’s heart wrenching, raw, honest. A few other highlights from her blog include 15 Superpowers of Special Needs Moms,  A Word to New Moms of Kids with Special Needs, and If You Ask People Not to Use the Word “Retard”. Ellen’s blog is beautifully written, totally honest, but hopeful and kind. Awesome.

A Diary of a Mom

A Diary of a Mom is written by Jess Wilson. Jess and her husband have two daughters, “Katie” and “Brooke,” who is autistic. Jess writes about her family, autism, and lots of other topics. My favorite post so far happens to have been posted this morning. It’s titled simply, Wow. Jess’s older daughter “Katie” observed her venting about a person she had an online encounter with that left her frustrated, shaking her head, and saying, “just, WOW.”  Katie challenged her mom, pointing out that someday someone might say “wow” about their interaction with Brooke. That’s a kid who is wise beyond her years. Jess and her husband are clearly doing something right in this parenting thing.

The Mighty

The Mighty is an interesting spot. Their tagline is “We believe in the power of stories, the strength of communities and the beauty of the human spirit.” Their founder, Mike Porath, has three children. One autistic daughter, one daughter with one kidney, and one son whose ears stick out (his words, not mine). He created The Mighty in response to a simple question, “Could we build a media company that actually helps people?” Definitely. The site’s editor, Megan Griffo, has a powerful vision for the site: “A digital table for two. A virtual shoulder to cry on.” The site is chock full of inspiration about special needs kids, adults with health challenges, and all the people who love them.

Holly Spring Photography

This last recommendation isn’t a traditional blog but is a seriously talented photographer’s site. We shared Holly Spring Photography yesterday on Facebook. Holly has a stunning little daughter who was born without a left hand. Holly’s award-winning photography is whimsical and magical.

Please take a look at these sites and revel in their beauty.



Image: Holly Spring Photography

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