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Done is Better Than Perfect

By August 6, 2014

Hey! Can you believe it’s been a YEAR since I left San Francisco? In looking over things I found this post and it is as applicable now as it was then. Sometimes DONE is better than PERFECT. Also done? that pregnancy. Baby Noe is 8 months today! Thanks for letting today’s post be a re-post, but hopefully still a helpful reminder to give yourself a break.


It’s Moving Week. Hurray!!! (imagine me with confetti exploding around me while I am buried under boxes). I won’t lie. We are no where near done, and have 2 days to do it. Hmm, yeah. So while I’d hoped to create a beautiful “ode to san francisco” type post this week, sadly…this will have to do!

done is better than perfect

The moving truck comes on Wednesday and we start driving east on Thursday. WISH US LUCK. We should arrive in Denver on Saturday. In the meantime, I’ve let all my clients know…and now I’ll let you know guys know too…that the studio will be closed until the week of August 19th. For my existing clients, your work will continue as discussed (thank you Team Spitfiregirl!) but I will basically be out of pocket, beyond checking email and phone calls.

Once established in our new city, we will be getting a new office line. In the meantime, the best way to contact us is here. It may take a little time to get back to you, but we will. Thanks in advance for your patience!!!




Remember…I’ll be documenting the journey – primarily on instagram and facebook –and will continue to post about 1-2x a week on the blog. Extra special thanks to my creative partner Julie, and designer Angela for helping to keep the blog alive while I hit the road, and Nicole, Otis, Emma and Joseph for keeping our projects moving in my absence, I couldn’t do it with out you guys!



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