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SpitfireMom Advice

By August 12, 2015

We have a whole lotta amazing SpitfireMoms in this kick-ass society of ours. We are ramping up to add more awesome mamas to the fold with a fresh perspective on the interviews: more in-depth questions, a greater focus on their business, and more fun stuff, too. While looking back at the older interviews with a critical eye, we realized we have a wealth of advice, tips, tricks and wisdom to curate and share with all of you. So today we are rounding up some of our favorite time saving tips, tricks and SpitfireMom advice. A common theme – how to manage your email. Ugh. Seriously. Enjoy!

From Desiree Spinner of La Petite Peach:
My least exciting time saving tip is to respond to emails first thing in the morning and never at night. There is nothing worse than waking up to 500 emails and your phone beeping like crazy while you are trying to get yourself, and the kids, ready for the day. I also take meetings before regular office hours (but after the kids are in school) if it is possible, that way I am not taking time away from connecting and being creative with the LPP team. Since my day ends at 2:30, I want to be able to greet every employee when they arrive and not take meetings during the day so I am there to help and guide them when they need me.”

From Olivia Suchman Joffrey of Vigilante Paper:
“Dress like an architect. Black clothes, (dress + tights, pants and sweater, whatever) accompanied with cool shoes (usually red) and cool glasses. That is my uniform. Feeling good about myself as a woman includes me not schlepping around in my sweats all day long. Having a uniform, I can spend more time playing with my kids, or making a homemade breakfast before work.

My other dirty little secret is ordering groceries online — you can’t always get the best produce, but you save time going to the grocery store and your kids are spared the bubonic plague or whatever virus is waiting for them on those nasty shopping carts.”

From Amy Morrison of Pregnant Chicken:
“I cut up all my produce when I get home from shopping, and I wash the kids’ clothes in single loads on cold so there’s no sorting or guessing who that t-shirt belongs to. I have nothing else to share unless you count forgoing showers and only shaving my legs in the summer.”

From Allyson Downey of weeSpring:
“I maximize my commute. Despite the fact that I live in Manhattan, and I work in Manhattan, it still takes me 40 minutes door to door. That’s almost seven hours a week (a non-entrepreneur’s full work day!) spent on the subway. I try to clear my email inbox from the previous day while riding the train in, or write a blog post (and sometimes respond to interviews like this one!). On my way home, I respond to the emails I didn’t have time to address during the day. 
And, this is not really a trick but a mindset. One of our core principles at weeSpring is that quality is always better than quantity. It emerged first as a personal value–that in finding balance, a totally unplugged hour with our son was worth more than four hours of playtime with smartphone-in-hand. But we found it applied pretty universally. At weeSpring, we prioritize having engaged users over having tons of (the wrong) users. We’d rather have one inspiring blog post than five mediocre ones. And we believe that working eight focused and productive hours is more effective than fourteen distracted ones.”

From Kara Kull of Fabulistas:
“One, hire a cleaning person. SERIOUSLY. Go do it now. I’m waiting. It will change your life. All that time you’ve spent agonizing over the dust bunnies under the dresser (who are we kidding, they’re full-grown hares by this point) is magically gone when they come in and return your house to a sparkling state. All that psychic energy can be put into growing your business or trying to get Ryan Gosling to follow you on social media.

Two, develop an excellent sense of humor. But, wait, what does that have to do with saving time, Kara? Well, let’s say you just remembered that it’s GNO and you only have one pair of jeans that still fit because you haven’t had time to go shopping in years and, unfortunately, said jeans are crusted with dried food. You can a) freak out and run around and try and get them washed and dried in the 45 minutes before you have to leave while also preparing dinner, answering emails, and lovingly listening to your children or b) use some wet wipes for their true intended purpose (saving face), have a glass of wine, order a pizza, throw in a movie, and laugh about the whole debacle with the gals.”


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