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THE SPITFIREMOM SOCIETY INTRODUCES: Carolynn Giordano of Two Brunettes

By December 2, 2013

Spitfiremom_carolynn_giordanna Carolynn Giordano is a busy lady. She is a graphic designer and owner of Two Brunettes, a shop specializing in custom logo design, blog design, web design and invitations for any type or size of event. She sounds busy, right? Well, she is also one of the two raven-haired smarties behind Two Brunettes Design Co, whose brand refinement process helps give companies a creative edge. Her two business babies are very scheduled since she is also the mom to a 3-year-old daughter and due with a baby boy in just a few months. As the only one who takes care of her girl Clara, she admits it can be challenging at times. Hello, productive nap times and night!

Here’s what Carolynn had to say about being a SpitfireMom.

How does being a mom influence your work?

Being a mom influences me in so many ways! Toys, colorful books, things my daughter says and enjoys really help bring my work to life. The challenges are sometimes I JUST want to be a mom fully. I often wonder what that would be like…during her nap time I dream about how much I could accomplish in my house. Then I remember if I did not do this I wouldn’t have my creative outlet and create things I love for others! And, you gotta make the money honey. I find that if I just really take it one day at a time I can get through anything! Some days are going to be tougher then others and it just is was it is. I have to say, with motherhood and business, every single day is different.

Do you talk about your kids with clients or potential clients?

If the conversation leads to my daughter, I light up like a Christmas tree! However I don’t volunteer that information unless I feel like it is relevant to the situation.

We know a SpitfireMom like Carolynn has tips to share, so we asked for her best time saving trick (Can we bottle good napping?):

Really, I have no secrets at all. I have just always been a killer multi-tasker and thankfully my daughter is a GREAT napper. If I did not have naps I would lose it. My greatest way to save time or actually rather EARN work time is to get all of my errands done in the morning and get that girl tired, and then work as much as I can during my afternoon hours. When she gets up we play and I cook dinner. To save time work wise, I just have to be super organized and know what I am going to tackle next. Luckily I can think and plan out my designs while I’m playing or entertaining the little one!



What’s one thing you haven’t figured out?

Oh SEX! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

And, if you’re a mom entrepreneur and just found out your expecting, Carolynn says:

I don’t want to scare anyone, ever, because it is very different for everyone who runs a business and is a mom. It can be very challenging at times but you just HAVE to take one day at a time. I would never trade a thing to be doing what I do so I can stay home a be a Momma first. That is my number one job and I always try to remember that!

Here’s to great nappers and great mompreneurs. Carolynn, we’re thrilled to have you in the SpitfireMom Society!

Heidi & Julie

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1 Comment

  • Reply RACHEL RUSH December 2, 2013 at 11:24 am

    I’ve had the honor of sharing the same little corner of the world with Carolynn, Two Brunettes now for almost 4 years.

    I have the priviledge of printing some of her creative masterpieces. You might think that is a “saleperson’s over exaggeration” but truly, it isn’t. Each piece that Carolynn designs is absolutely nothing like any other project that I run through our production. Her projects are always FRESH, INTERESTING AND UNIQUE, with no room for error on the details!

    And speaking as a career mom of a 29 year old daughter, I am constantly in awe of Carolynn’s ability to nurture and create special room in her life for her daughter.

    In my opinion, she doesn’t run ONE business, she orchestrates many. She lives the mentality that EACH of her clients deserve to feel as if they are her ONLY client!

    She is an inspiration to all Career Moms….even “seasoned” ones like myself!

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