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The SpitfireMom Society Introduces: Kara Kull of Fabulistas

By August 11, 2014

kara-kull Heidi and our newest SpitfireMom, Kara, met about five months ago when a PR referral led to a connection and a realization they had a bunch of friends in common. Kara’s from Denver but lives in SF. Heidi moved to Denver from SF. A long coffee date was spent comparing childcare horror stories, the love and hate relationship they have with their cities, and wedding industry gossip and, by the end, a true friendship formed. In fact, Heidi & Kara are hosting an event TONIGHT in Denver. If you’re in the city, be sure to check it out!

Kara Kull is an Internet veteran who has worked as a copywriter, wedding blogger, and social media consultant. Once she had kids, she found her place, which is as a mom blogger. She blogs about fun and fabulousness for moms and their kiddos, which is basically ways to enjoy your kids (dress them up like a puppy!) and ways to keep fabulousness in your life (wear really high shoes occasionally to remind you that you still got it). She’s also starting a new video series called, “One Mom’s Opinion”, which is, as she describes it, basically an excuse to tell people what to do.

Kara’s sister watches the kids for 10 hours a week wherein she runs around like a crazy person, trying to have meetings, answer emails, write blog posts, and go to the dentist (she confessed this really means the hairdresser). Like many of us, she works a lot of nap times, when they happen, and then at night or on weekends when her husband can watch them. She admits, like many of us, she has no work/life boundaries.

But wait! That’s not true. When she’s with her kids, she doesn’t work on work (tell us more!). She finds it’s too internal (even thinking of tweets means a total zone out) and then she can’t fully engage with mom things. To Kara, that guilt is not worth it. So, she has a great time with them when she’s with them and the work piece is totally crazy bananas when she gets to it, but it works (well enough) for her at this point in her family’s lives.

How does being a mom influence your work?

Before I was a mom, I had a tendency to say “yes” to most things that came my way without giving them a ton of thought or asking if it would move me in a direction that felt true (to be fair, my compass was pretty much in free fall and I spent a lot of time lurching around blindly).

Having kids clarified my work for me and not just because it bequeathed me the title, “Mom Blogger.” I honestly adore hanging out with my kids (well, except for this week because everyone was jet lagged and just a teensy bit tired and I just couldn’t stop making ridiculous requests like, “Would you mind pulling down your pants before you sit on the potty?”) so I work on things that feel fun and inspiring, or, even better, both. If I’m going to be away from them, I want it to be for a good reason, which my work definitely provides – it has given me a true community, an outlet for my always-working brain, plus it gives me a break from discussing the finer points of “Frozen.”

And I try and focus on my actual strengths. There are so many things I wish I was good at – writing like Anne Patchett, blogging about things that matter in a way that drives people to action, or at least being drop-dead funny like Kelly Oxford. But, as I tell my kids, I’m what ya got and that happens to be someone who gets overly excited by gold shoes and has no shame when on camera.

I was going to say that my biggest challenge as a mom is that my life used to be a pretty big sh*t show and now it is a colossal one, but everybody says that, right?

Honestly, my biggest challenge is I have so many ideas and I can see where I want to be and I’m impatient! But, I’m learning to accept it’s just going to take me a bit longer to get there. On dark days, I will beat myself up about the fact I’m a late bloomer and didn’t figure out my career until after I had kids and, if I’d only have done it before then I’d be so much further along and my life would be all roses and yoga sessions…But, most of the time, I pace myself and realize my kids are only little this one time and, weirdly enough, it does keep getting easier.

Do you talk about your kids with clients or potential clients?

As someone who is very chatty, most people know more about me than they’d ever want to know within five minutes of meeting me so it’s safe to say everyone knows about my kids (and where we’re going on vacation this summer and what my favorite TV show is currently – >Silicon Valley</>). Having said that, I am very sensitive to folks who don’t have kids, because there is nothing more boring than listening to potty training stories if you’re not yet a parent (and I suppose they’re pretty boring even if you are, come to think of it).

We know a SpitfireMom like Kara has tips to share, so we asked for her best time saving trick:

I have two. One, hire a cleaning person. SERIOUSLY. Go do it now. I’m waiting. It will change your life. All that time you’ve spent agonizing over the dust bunnies under the dresser (who are we kidding, they’re full-grown hares by this point) is magically gone when they come in and return your house to a sparkling state. All that psychic energy can be put into growing your business or trying to get Ryan Gosling to follow you on social media.

Two, develop an excellent sense of humor. But, wait, what does that have to do with saving time, Kara? Well, let’s say you just remembered that it’s GNO and you only have one pair of jeans that still fit because you haven’t had time to go shopping in years and, unfortunately, said jeans are crusted with dried food. You can a) freak out and run around and try and get them washed and dried in the 45 minutes before you have to leave while also preparing dinner, answering emails, and lovingly listening to your children or b) use some wet wipes for their true intended purpose (saving face), have a glass of wine, order a pizza, throw in a movie, and laugh about the whole debacle with the gals.


What’s one thing you haven’t figured out?

How to get by on little or no sleep. I obsessively read blog posts on successful women who are “balancing it all” and, it seems to me, the ladies who are ruling the world are not sleeping much. Which I honestly try and do. But then I cry. A lot. And then my husband makes me go to bed early and all is right again with the world until I try and get by on little sleep and the whole dramatic process restarts. But, it will not beat me! I will figure out how to become someone who LOVES the 4 o’clock am hour and laughs in the face of sleeping in. After my nap.



And, if you’re a mom entrepreneur and just found out your expecting, Kara says:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! And then I’d make sure she’s registered on BabyList so she can get all the ruffled bum covers and jaunty caps her heart desires.

And, I’d say, only you know what’s best for you as a mom. Everybody’s going to be giving you all sorts of advice and telling you when you should go back to work and if you should go back to work and how it’s all going to affect everyone in the world and that’s very nice and it all comes from a place of caring and love, but it’s fine to politely tell them all to “Shut Up.” We all have total faith that you will figure it out (after some bumps and bruises) and make it work in a way that is best for your family. (And, not to get all advice-y, but, you’re not actually thinking about dressing your baby in something other than gold moccasins, are you?)

Now, this is a mommy blogger we can get behind. Y’all should get out to the Denver meetup tonight. It’s sure to be a hoot. And if you can’t, head on over to Fabulistas to laugh till your gut hurts. Kara, you are fabulous.


Julie & Heidi

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