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Introducing Meg Conley: a SpitfireMom and Warrior Woman

By August 22, 2014

We love and embrace the moniker SpitfireMom, but sometimes the SpitfireMom tag isn’t quite enough. Take Meg Conley. She is a SpitfireMom in the truest sense of the word. She has a wonderful blog that covers the gamut: motherhood, sex, faith, depression, happiness, marriage, grief, and – get this – human trafficking. More specifically, child sex slavery. There are people in this world who go above and beyond the daily grind. People who are able to set aside their fears, their insecurities, uncertainty, and move forward for the greater good. Please, meet Meg, SpitfireMom and Warrior Woman.

Meg introduced us to an organization called Operation Underground Railroad (“OUR”). This amazing group of former CIA, Army Special Forces, and Navy Seals conducts rescue missions of children trapped in sex slavery. They work with local governments to accomplish a safe, legal, and effective rescue of groups of children away from their pimps and places them in approved orphanages with much-needed therapy. The bad guys are arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced. Meg was invited to join them on a recent mission to the Dominican Republic. And she WENT. Can we just talk about that for a minute? She WENT to a foreign country to participate in a sting operation with a bunch of real American heroes. I am certain she fully understands the gravity of her decision, but that doesn’t make it any less astounding. She wrote:

“I’ve got responsibilities, a home, a husband and children. Who did I think I was? Tearing off to another country to document the rescue of children I have never seen and never will see again. Didn’t I know my place? I realized, I know exactly where my place is. Of course, I do. So I got on that plane.”

Her written account of the trip is incredible, heartbreaking, uplifting and devastating all at once. She has seen, heard, witnessed and felt more than we can possibly know about these children. And unsurprisingly it hit her hard. Can you imagine being in the room with these angels, but because you’re undercover you can’t let them know you’re one of the good guys? She thought this to herself, but couldn’t tell the kids:

“Can I tell you how rich life can be? Can we help you discover the worth that shines through your eyes? Did you know your voice is more powerful and more empowering than any one damn thing I could ever give you? Who did this to you? I’ll hurt them. I’m so, so sorry.”

Read about Meg’s trip here and here, and check out this incredible video from OUR.

We are indescribably proud of this amazingly brave woman. Thanks, Meg, for being such a warrior woman AND mom.

Want more Meg? Be sure to check out her blog ~ Meg in Progress and hear her Tuesdays on The Matt Townsend Show on Sirius Xm 143.

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