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SpitfireMoms Love: Our Favorite Hats

By August 3, 2015

If you’re anything like me, your beauty routine is far from a Pantene commercial. Taking a long, luxurious shower in which you’re able to wash AND deep condition your hair, or do a proper blow out is pretty much a myth. Which is why hats are so.damn.important to the SpitfireMom.

I have an arsenal of chapeaus at the ready, since my typical morning revolves around me darting out of the house in some sort of yoga gear (or if I’m lucky, a dress) and hat hair.

Spitfiremoms love hats

Exhibit A:

Looks fashionable right? On this exact day last week my husband actually pleaded with me to wash my hair. I think it’d been…4 days? Ew, I know. Although I had just gotten my hair colored and was trying to preserve those blond locks as long as possible.

But I digress. I ran out of the house with a maxi dress, this floppy hat I got from – wait for it – the girls department at Target (thank you Target!)

Does this sound like you?

I tend to lean towards floppy hats and fedoras, since cadet and flatcaps require more girth in the hair/head department than god gave me. Since I know you’re likely short on time, I pulled a few of my favorite hats in varying styles. All are totally affordable and tres chic, even when you don’t feel it!

Shop my favorites here:
So Stylish Wool Hat  |  Blue Floppy Fedora  |  Black & White Fedora  |  Fun Baseball Cap  |  Wide Brim Summer Hat

By the way, if you’re looking to learn about more about hats, and what fit or style is right for you…check out this great guide.



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