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Staying Organized – Our Favorite Stylish Office Accessories

By March 25, 2015

On Monday we put together a list of how we stay organized in the office with our favorite apps, and today I wanted to share how I stay organized, productive and motivated with some of my favorite, stylish office accessories.

Spitfiregirl Design Office Accessories

Bulletin Board
Yup. Just a good old fashioned bulletin board. I have an extra large one in my office at work, and am in the process of getting a few installed at my home office. It is my “Real Life Pin Board” where I stick up pictures that inspire me, quotes that motivate me, as well as the necessary important stuff like phone numbers, extensions, a calendar, and little notes to remind myself of hexadecimal numbers I use daily, and little CSS code reminders. It takes up nearly a whole wall, and is my reminder of all my favorite things.

Eye Candy
What office is complete without art, inspirational quotes and pictures? Not only on my bulletin board, but on my walls, on the shelves, and in my display storage units. In my offices I have a lot of both, and have been loving my most recent addition – this print by Britt Bass.

Storage Shelves
I am a sucker for design books and magazines, and have a ever-growing collection of them that started before college. I don’t want to keep them hidden behind a cupboard door, but want to display and show them all off. A functional storage unit is perfect for this.

Storage Drawers
In my office, I keep just about everything from stamps and stationary to scissors and paper cutters. Although quite honestly, my drawers are lacking perfect organization, they are a great spot to keep all the day-to-day items while avoiding clutter.

Comfy Chair

Being at my desk for the majority of the day, having comfort is key! There are so many static chairs out there that are so stylish and modern, but when it comes down to it, comfort is everything. I love the convenience of rolling to my spot.

Bright and Functional Lighting
Both offices of mine have an abundance of natural light, which is uplifting, but of course once the sun sets, or on a gloomy day an alternate source is necessary. The majority of the time I spend in my home office is in the evenings, so having a great desk lamp is ideal to getting my non-digital projects done.

External Hardrive
No one can emphasize enough on how important backing files up is. (As I am writing this I am thinking how I need to plug in my external and do a backup of all my latest projects…) I have two external drives for backing up my most precious items and I should probably buy one more…just in case!

Speakers and/or Headphones
Obviously, from the last post on apps, music is such a necessity for my workday. I do have speakers in my office, but when I really need to get down to business to focus with limited distractions, headphones are the way I prefer.

Printer and Scanner
Yes, we live in a digital age, but I still get the satisfaction from printing versions of work and making all the changes, updates and adding notes to them with a red pen. I am so visual, this just helps me keep track of the different versions I have worked on. Plus, having the scanner attached is perfect for saving space, and I use it for personal work on a weekly basis to from making copies, emailing hard documents, or vectorizing my work.

Wacom© Tablet
Since adopting the tablet five years ago, I rarely use a mouse anymore. It has become second nature to me, and I now can’t imagine going back to using a mouse for all the bezier curves I do on a daily basis!  Wacom is constantly updating their models, but each one I have owned or tried still has me hooked.

What are some of the things in your office you just can’t live without? Or might be on your office wish list? We are always looking for new solutions to the same old organization problems!



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