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Evan’s Superhero Birthday

By September 26, 2014

A mere 6 months ago, my first born – Evan – turned four. I’m still in amazement. Now, as we’re barreling towards five I am finally getting around to sharing his super fun, super easy, superhero birthday party! I’m sure many of you are in the throngs of this theme…just like last year it was all about Cars. I’m praying he asks for a Star Wars Lego themed party next year, because that would be…you guessed it … AWESOME.

This party was pretty inexpensive and easy to create. I was lucky enough to have help from Minted, who graciously supplied the paper decor and invitations. They are a great resource to add some extra OOMPH to your next party or shower – bring in as much or as little as you like. The rest I either borrowed or had on hand.

Want to recreate this party for your little superhero? I’ve got you covered with tips, recipes and DIY or BUYs. Because trust me, NO SpitfireMom will judge you if you outsource the whole darn thing.


I chose Minted’s Comic Book SuperHero Invitation, and then did a little photoshop trickery in the background.


 The biggest expense was the cake ~ about $80. Yes, pricey but it made a big impact, was super tasty, and I avoided the food color debacle that was this thing.


Hot dogs (serve in cupcake liners – wrap with bakers twine if you want to get all fancy!)

Superhero fruit skewers

Joker Juice


Thor Hammer Snacks

Chips & Salsa

Veggies & Dip

Avengers Birthday Cake – made locally, inspired by this


Thor Hammer Toss – We borrowed the actual toy, but you can also make one. Grab a few hula hoops from ye old Dollar Tree and you’re in business

Catch the Villian – Not sure if this is the actual name, or even game. But enlist someone who’s fun and fast and have the kids run around spraying silly string all over the damn place.

Hulk Smash – the kids LOVED this. Again, we borrowed the giant foam hands, bought some colorful ice cream cones, and let the kids have at it. Great stress reliever 😉



Oh party favors. This is a (not really) hot topic in the kids party world. Somewhere along the line, parents were made to feel obligated to give gifts out at their own child’s party. Nice sentiment? yes. But what typically happens is parents spend money on plastic junk from China that we ALL know ends up either in the trash (or if we’re lucky – recycling) or the junk drawer, or worse case…under your foot in the middle of the night.

Yes, they took a little time, but only cost about $1-2 dollars a piece, and the kids got to take home something they’ll actually use. I was inspired by fellow SpitfireMom Lisa. Pick up some t-shirts at GoodWill (hit their bi-monthly sales for 1/2 off everything!), some felt from Michaels and use these superhero logo templates.


Want to create your own Superhero celebration?
Source all your goodies here:

Superhero Invitations

Paper Garland

Personalized Bunting


Streamers and Balloons – inspired by this

Paper Straws

Plastic Cups (reusable!), Paper Plates and Napkins – Remember, if the Dollar Store is good enough for celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss, it’s good enough for you!

** SPITFIREMOM TIP:  Skip the cheapy plastic figurines and junk, and just invest in a real superhero toy – one that your child will ACTUALLY play with.


Minted provided a gift code in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. If I didn’t genuinely like their products, you wouldn’t be seeing it on the blog!


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