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THE SILVER LINING, A Supportive & Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer

By August 1, 2014

A couple of years ago, I began photographing my dear friend Hollye who was going through breast cancer. I did not know what to do for her – I felt helpless – so I offered to photograph her as a gesture of friendship. If I could somehow capture her memories & show her how beautiful she was even in the most unlikely circumstances, it might somehow ease the challenges she faced.

From chemotherapy to her double mastectomy to a cup of tea, I was there. I approached our shoots with the same tenderness I’d bring to a newborn shoot, and the same enthusiasm I have at a wedding or editorial shoot. The only images I’d ever seen of a mastectomy were clinical (& with bad light). I wanted to capture the reality of what her body was going through with an artful eye, beautiful light, film and patience.

All the while she was writing a personal blog to keep friends and family apprised of her experiences along the way. Her blog THE SILVER PEN went viral, and Hollye’s story is now a regular feature on the Huffington Post. When I shared some of the images 2 years ago at my WPPI platform presentation – it left most people in tears. I think Hollye & I were both surprised by the impact our personal project had on those we did not know. We comprised her story and my photographs into a supportive and insightful guide to breast cancer.


THE SILVER LINING is our book…part memoir, part practical information with a mélange of beautiful photographs and inspiration. What began as a personal project between friends is now a gift for anyone who has been touched by cancer.

~ Elizabeth


THE SILVER LINING is available on AMAZON &  bookstores everywhere. A NEW YORK TIMES & LOS ANGELES TIMES best seller and was chosen by OPRAH as one of the top ten books! It has been featured on Good Morning America, OPRAH’s Super Soul Sunday, Dr Phil and The Doctors.

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