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Two in Tow: Desiree Spinner

By August 27, 2014


Whether you have one kid or four, we know getting out of the house and out on the town isn’t easy. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce a new feature on SpitfireMom…Two In Tow. Here we’ll feature helpful tips, products and some of our favorite spots around the country to inspire you to get a move on with your kids in tow.


ON THE GO:  Desiree Spinner, visiting San Francisco with Baby Wesleigh

I do a TON of travel with my littles, and we have been to some amazing places from Europe to Maine, California and back. However, I love to take some weekend or night trips with my babes too. There is nothing more fun than packing an overnight bag, throwing the kids in the car, and seeing where we land (I do plan my travels, sometimes).

This June I flew across the country to San Francisco to help my younger sister make the cross country move for a new job. It was my first big travel with the baby myself! The two of us did a day trip into the city, met up with some new friends and checked out our favorite shops.

Here are my essentials for an overnight stay with baby in tow:

Baby wearing is essential for travel! I don’t leave home with out my Solly Baby Wrap for two reasons: one being that you are hands free. That means getting out out of cabs, carrying a bag, eating shopping etc. HANDS FREE! Need I say more?! The other reason is that if you are nursing it is the perfect cover up. Check out the tutorials online for how to nurse with the Solly wrap here!

Daddy diaper bags: Ok, they are not glamorous like mommy diaper bags, however if you are running all over town, you need just the bare essentials and not your huge and heavy bag. Here are two of my favorite bags: Diaper Dude and Ben Minkoff, they hold just the necessities, a snack, diaper/wipes, changing pad, your cell and wallet and a change of clothes.

SNACKS! You don’t want your little one to go hungry in-between meals (or while you shop:) so packing a healthy snack is doing yourself a favor. I love these LunchSkins reusable snack packs: you can put fruit or Cheerios in these, they fit in your bag and they are eco-friendly! Winning! Baby W loves these organic puffs.


Diapers and wipes: ok this is a given however pack just a few diapers, and some travel wipes like these, and some hand sanitizer for you and your babe (public rest rooms = ick!)

Don’t forget about you! I always pack a water or a fresh pressed juice like Bundle Organics Dark Berry Veggies to stay hydrated so I don’t get a headache from low blood sugar!

Bib or Burp cloth plus an extra change of clothes! You will thank me later! I can’t tell you how many times I have been out and W either a. spit up all over me and herself or b. had a major diaper accident. Save your self the embarrassment and pack an extra onesie and comfy pants for baby and a bib or burb cloth like this one from Aden and Anais.

Now you are ready to head out for an adventure with your baby! The more prepared you are, the better the experience you will have. Check out the one I had with W in San Francisco below!

Thanks for sharing Desiree!

Want to know how Desiree gets it done? check out her profile here

Photos by Britt Rene
Text & Image Styling by Spitfiregirl



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